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A Festive Feast Under the Stars: Luau Beach Inn's Gala Dinners

Greetings from the heart of paradise, Fulidhoo Island in Vaavu Atoll! As we immerse ourselves in the joyous spirit of the season, we at Luau Beach Inn are thrilled to extend an invitation to our annual Festive Gala Dinners – the highlight of our holiday celebrations.

Ever since the inception of Luau, our annual Gala Dinners have been a resounding success, drawing guests from neighboring islands and guesthouses alike. It's a grand celebration set against the backdrop of the ocean, with the melody of good music, the warmth of a BBQ fire, and the enchantment of underwater videos, all creating an unforgettable experience. Guests mingle with our dedicated staff, capturing memories through photos and reveling in the joyous atmosphere.

This year is particularly special as we introduce a novel setting for our Gala Dinners – inside the intricate bamboo hut on the beach, a masterpiece crafted by Abulhi and Raappe. Picture yourself enjoying a sumptuous feast on the 24th evening, surrounded by the cozy vibes of the hut, waves gently lapping at the shore, and the celestial stars overhead. The menu boasts delectable items like Chicken Roulade, Beef Medallions, Mixed Seafood, Vegetarian options and an array of mind-blowing desserts.

However, the pièce de résistance awaits on the 31st evening, as we usher in the New Year with a spectacular Gala Dinner. Our entire team, from FnB, Watersports to maintenance and housekeeping, comes together to transform the beach into a magical setting. General Manager Otto, Host Abulhi, and Front Office Manager Linda join the preparations, along with friends and family present on the island. It truly is a collective effort to make this the highlight of our festive season.

Our culinary maestros, Lalith, Rasika, Bandara, Ameera, Madhu, and Dulan, work tirelessly to curate a feast fit for everyone. The New Year's menu features in-house bread, special salads, cold platters, and other main dishes such as Beef Wellington, BBQ fish (live grill), and an array of tantalizing seafood options. The desserts, we promise, will leave your taste buds in awe.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the promises of a new year, we have prepared surprises beyond the gastronomic delights. Join us for a Gala Dinner to partake in the Luau Experience, forging connections with our special team, and making memories that linger long after the festivities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our guests and team, for it is your support that shapes the essence of Luau. Our journey is made meaningful by each one of you, and we eagerly anticipate continuing to enhance our services with the same passion and dedication.

Wishing you a joyous December and hoping to welcome you to Fulidhoo Island this Festive Season.

Cheers to a wonderful celebration!

Team Luau

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