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  • How do I get to Luau Beach Inn on Fulidhoo Island?
    NOTE: Speedboat Transfers are subject to seasonal change with times and number of boats operating between. Please check with available options before booking rooms. Fulidhoo is 32 miles south of the Airport, in Vaavu Atoll. Depending on your flights into the Maldives, we can help you with transfers to and from Airport to Fulidhoo Island. There are limited speedboats operating to and from Fulidhoo, the travel time is 1 hour. Sunday to Thursday schedule boats available: Airport / Male' to Fulidhoo 10:00am and 16:00pm Fulidhoo to Airport / Male' 07:30am and 13:30pm Seats need to be booked prior to arrival. Visit our transfers page:
  • What do I need to bring?
    Apart from your personal belongings and documentation, you will need some amount of travel money for your outings, occasional bites and souvenirs for the end of the trip, as there's no ATM available on the island for the moment. Insect repellents to keep away the mosquitos that is seasonal after monsoons and rain. Sun block for the sensitive skin. Its wise to choose an Ocean Friendly Sun-block for environment friendly adaptation. Maldives lies right on the equator as the Sun can sometimes be a little harsh for some people.
  • Can I get Alcohol on the island?
    Use of Alcohol is prohibited for local islands and it is an offence to carry in Alcohol to local islands or communities. Also the Maldives immigration and customs may confiscate carrying of Alcohol into the Country.
  • What currency is accepted on the island? How much do I need to bring?
    We accept (USD) United States Dollars and MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa) as major currency or exchange. How much money depends on how much you intend to spend on local shops, cafes and souvenirs.
  • Is there a Bikini Beach? Is bikini alllowed?
    There is designated Bikini Beach for guests on the North-West corner of the island, please check with your local guide if you require assistance. Note: Two Piece Bikini Wear on Public Beaches is prohibited by Law. We recommend to always cover yourselves on public beaches. Tank Tops, Beach Wrap-arounds, Sarongs and shorts are still acceptable amougst the local community.
  • What can you do while in Fulidhoo?
    Fulidhoo as part of a local island may be restricted from certain luxuries that Resorts may provide. You can choose simpler things to spend you days at Fulidhoo. A day out on the Beach, or Snorkeling on Fulidhoo House-reef Kayaking to Fulidhoo Swings Reading a book by the Beach Enjoy the local entertainment on Boduberu on weekends. Try some local cuisine offered on Cafe's on the Island.
  • Is there a Restaurant on the property?
    Luau Roof-top Restaurant is becoming ever popular with the exquisite meals off their A La Carte Menu and on some specialty Maldivian and Sri Lanka meals. The restaurant operating hours is limited to meal times to managing with the property. * Breakfast 07:00 hours to 09:00 hours * Lunch 12:00 hours to 14:00 hours * Dinner 19:00 hours to 21:00 hours NOTE: Outside guests would require to make pre-orders with Reception for dining at Luau Rooftop Restaurant. The restaurant serves a mix of local cuisines and continental mix to keep with guest needs. An A La Carte Menu for much variety available on the local island.
  • COVID-19, What do I need to know before travel? You are required to complete 2 doses of the Vaccines accepted by WHO. You are not required to take RT-PCR Test for entry into Maldives now. However you are required to fill in a Health Declaration Form via Immigration Portal:
  • Do you offer Half-board & Full-board Meals?
    Yes, we do offer Half-board (Breakfast & Dinner) at USD 20.00 per person per night. And Full-board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) USD 40.00 per person per night
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