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Depending on what you maybe left on your bucket list, we offer some of the most amazing experiences from  admiring mother-natures creation on Sandbanks and formation of islands, to dipping underwater and experiencing some of the few coral reefs left intact in Vaavu Atoll. The marine life itself is abundant and brings different colors with the seasonal changes.  

Below are some of the most recommend picks from the guests that we have had in the past.


Take an early morning out with your loved one(s) and spend it well on a deserted Sandbank with some refreshments and sun shade for a perfect backdrop on nature.  The  tranquility  of the true shades of blue, surrounding with mother's natures beauty leaves you speechless.  Maybe couple hours and move for some snorkeling and  dip into the all famous Nurse Shark snorkel in Wow Atoll.


Spend sometime snorkeling alongside few dozen sharks. The fear, the thrill and the excitement is there if you up for the challenge. Mindful of you snorkeling skills, you need to be good at snorkeling skills to try this.  


Take a 2 hours day-out to the new Bahthigiri, just couple of kilometers from Fulidhoo island. "Floral Garden" as it is now being named, is a spectacular patch of reef providing abundance of Marine life and one of the least surviving coral reefs on the Wow Atoll.

Early sunrise snorkeling usually brings the bait gatherings attracting Bonito and different types of jack fish calling in on the morning hunt. 

If weather gives in a north-west winds, you are lucky to  have a glance at the outside reef of Fulidhoo Island, which faces to the open ocean. The garden table corals thrive almost to a Mile. 


Wow Atoll is well known for the anglers paradise during the Easterly monsoon season in December onwards April which brings "Iruvai" or the sunny monsoon with the best conditions for Big Game! Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoo are  some of the best catch during this time. 

Apart from the peak anglers season, there is also good fishing on average depending on the tide charts and currents. 

Some of our Fishing specials  include Casting, Deep Sea Jigging and Big Game.

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We have launched with SSI - Scuba  School International  with a diverse team under Passion Paradives, coming from the part of Maldives Passions with much experience in the industry. 

From Bubble-maker, DSD's and all the way to Master we are licensed for managing Scuba Diving Activities. Wow Atoll, now becoming the Shark Atoll provides some of most fascinating dives in the Maldives. 

You should try some Scuba Diving don't your think?

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