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Luau Beach Inn, Maldives has one of the best beach fronts on the island with vast lagoon that is perfect for water-sports. Most of our guests enjoy simple things such a SUP's, Kayak's, Catamaran Sailing, or Fun Tube.


A quite morning on the Fulidhoo Lagoon  provides one of the best settings for SUPs. Most visitors make the best of the Calm flat season getting some Sun and Sea combined with a bit of exercise.


Most seek the adventure out to the swings at Fulidhoo Lagoon and sometime getting lucky with dolphins, stingrays and nurse sharks within the surroundings.


Wake Board

For  the active on the go person who likes the thrill for standing on a wake and enjoying a skillful ride on the waves, the Fulidhoo Lagoon is perfect for trying this out. 

If you choose longer holidays, you can even look for some lessons from some of our guides available at our front desk. 


Jetski  or Jetboarding

Jet-ski is for the extreme active person who loves the need for speed and cruise.

Take a 30 mins ride to enjoy some fun cruising on the lagoon side of the island. You never know when you can get lucky with dolphins or mantas on one of these rides, which often is the case.


Or maybe try out our Carver Twin Jet Board, the newest thing giving you 19mph speeds.  Surfers love this toy and like to try this awesome challenge. You in for it?


FREE Kayaks for in-house guests at Luau. This is the best way to start your morning with a bit of exercise and to stretch your arms.

Much of the guests like to hang around the swings by the lagoon. Some find it challenging but other would find the right moment to reach for that al-famous selfie on the swings. 

Couples loves to take their partners on this awesome lagoon run.


Catch the wind with the newest TOPCAT K2X Classic. A sailors dream in some of the the best setting available with wide open turquoise blues.  


Best way to have a look around the nature and environment is on the in-house Catamaran. No noise, on the natural breeze  carrying you to a cruise experience like no other. How about a Sandbank Day-trip and back with some refreshments. 

Or maybe you prefer a much  relaxed cruise to a sunset with your loved one. One that would look perfect for the memory lane. 

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