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One of our most admired

and most proud characteristics of Luau

is its cuisine.

 With a handful of Chefs,

we try  to delight you with every meal taken on

the Roof Top Restaurant at Luau Beach Inn, Maldives

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Have you heard of the Luau Pizza? It's about time!! Freshly baked from our own Bakery at Luau, the pizzas come  all prepared from scratch.

A touch of Maldivian with smoked tuna chips with Olives, Mozzarella Cheese and a Classic sauce. Must come back for this one.  

US$ 1500

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Luau Beach-1003 - Copy (2).jpg


One true to call itself a proper Beef Burger and proud best in Fulidhoo.

Made from Australian Tenderloin, the petty is grilled to perfection with all the juiciness, and loaded with flavours. To finish it, is topped with a fried egg that oozes on the first bite. 

This one is truly mouth watering!!!

US$ 12.00

Luau Beach-1005 - Copy (2).jpg


The freshness of Fish is experienced on this meal that is meant to wake your takes buds on how fish is suppose to taste like.

Local authentic spices that bring about a grilled fish kebab, that tastes out of this world. It is also complimented with steamed rice or grilled vegetables on your preference.

US$ 11.00

Luau Beach-1060 - Copy.jpg


Tuna is abundantly available in the Maldives and one we need to respect as it is the bloodline for our ancestors who thrived on Tuna with Dolphin friendly catch. 

We will not serve you this item if it isn't caught a few hours on that day. Or sometimes sourced from a particular local fisherman,

US$ 15.00

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