Water Sport Activities

Motorised and Non-motorised Watersports Activities including; Kayaks | SUPs | Wake Boarding | Jetski | Catemaran | Fun Tube and many more...

Water Sport Activities

Much of the Tourists who travel to Fulidhoo always looks for activities they can indulge in. We try to maximize on different modes of water sports activities to meet client needs. For the young and energetic, Jet-ski rides are most common.

However for guest that seeks a quiet approach can always prefer to choose Kayak or Stand-up-pedal (SUP), and cruise around the front lagoon of the property.

Speciality trips and charter on the Catamaran could be something you would have always wanted to try out. And this setting does not get any better, the shades of blues from the oceans to the skies and the surrounding natural islands make it the most ideal place for such glam.