Fishing Excursion

Angers Paradise! Wow Atoll is also famous for its Sport Fishing possibilities. Anglers flock in a groups for the Big Game that occurs end December through February. Most catch Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoo around this time of the year, and boat from other Atolls travel for this bonanza.

Fishing Excursion

The geographical location again proves that where there is vast spawning of bait fish, there is also the bigger fish that follow. Wow Atoll fishing is also famous amongst the locals, who does private charters on weekend for Sunset Fishing, which traditionally is done on hand line.

February onwards June, reef fishing is common and mostly done by locals to cater for the restaurants and needs for the island.

Low season hits July with monsoon weather and thunderstorms that usually does not bring the best conditions for fishing. However again September or October onwards Jigging proves to do well for those who prefer to do deep sea fishing.