Dolphin Cruise

A natural haven for Wild Dolphin

Dolphin Cruise

The geographical positioning of Vaavu Atoll, make it the second largest Atoll known for bait fish spawning is vast quantities. In return the fish life and dolphins to sustain from these coral reefs are vital. We are lucky to be in such a place, where wild migratory pods thrive on two particular bay areas of Vaavu and South Male' Atoll. Both of which is accessible within 30 mins by Speedboat.

Early morning currents brings that Dolphins inside the bay area. Scenes of young Dolphins play around while the adults keep close watch. And others indulge in wild courtship and males targeted on one female. Dolphin behavior at its best.

Best time of the year for these pods to appear are from February onwards June. When monsoon season hits in their route changes from the southern side of the atoll.