Best located Guesthouse in Fulidhoo Island

From all the surroundings in Fulidhoo, Luau Beach Inn stands out with the perfect beach setting that stretches over the Fulidhoo Lagoon and turquoise blues of the island.  Our rooftop restaurant has become an all new selfie point for much guests stay with us.

Birthdays, Anniversary or a special function, we can charm you with some local  glamour and artistry 


FREE Water and Bottle

To embrace on more eco-friendly concepts, Luau has adopted on a No-Plastic policy since we reopened in November 2021. 

Every guest who stays in Luau Beach Inn, Maldives is provided with a Stainless Steel Bottle  with FREE water provided through R.O water purifiers for safe drinking water on the property.

Water dispensers are available on each accommodating floor for hot and cold water. 

Clean Water

We are one of two properties that currently provide freshwater in Fulidhoo Island. Our water comes from a Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant), that almost daily runs to providing fresh water to the property.

Airport meet and greet and transfers 

We help with meeting our clients at the airport on Arrival to facilitate on their transfer arrangements from Airport to Fulidhoo Island. However, we always advise to check with transfer timings to see best fit for your arrival and departure flights.

Practicing Environment Friendly Concepts

Luau adopts much on environmental friendly concepts on operation wherever possible. First phase was avoiding plastic mineral water bottles. Management of waste that is sorted  with metals, glass and bio-waste.  

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FREE Kayaks for In-house Guests

All in-house guests at Luau Beach Inn, is previledged to take out Kayak rides free-of-charge. Most guest make the best of this opportunity to explore the surrounding lagoon on Fulidhoo and also to visit the in-famous swings at Fulidhoo Lagoon.

Best guides to local Environment and Nature

We have some of the best in our team when it comes to seeking knowledge and information on the local island and surrounding nature of the atoll.


Amongst the team, there are specialty divers, marine biologists, Free Divers, Scuba Divers and Fishing experts that can help you understand a bit more of the activity in hand. 

Try and unforgettable cuisine experience at the Luau Rooftop Restaurant that will serve you a wholesome meal. Authentic Maldivian to specialty  Sri Lankan and other continental options available to make your day. Pre-orders and reservations, are advised for Walk-ins,

One the most diverse team you will find in Fulidhoo Island and always in to serving you better.