Welcome to Wow Fulidhoo...

The most northern island of Vaavu Atoll otherwise known as WOW ATOLL.  

Fulidhoo island was awarded Top Island Award in 2017. Since then the island has dramatically taken a turn on many more developments for Tourism.

At the moment Fulidhoo Island is undergoing a Beach Restoration project along with waste management project to becoming a more environmental friendly place.

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Things to do while

Local Environment

Have a good look around the island there is much to offer on Fulidhoo Island. When you stay on Fulidhoo you get to see how locals live by and make a living out of Tourism and Fisheries. 


The island offer's few cafe' options and marts for some snacks and a refreshment if the weather turns too hot to bare, There is plenty shade around the public beaches with natural palm trees and local vegetation,. 

The East and West side of the island is dedicated as a Guest Beach. This is one of the main attraction on any island that Guests seek white soft sandy beaches to laze on. That perfect holiday tan, everyone wishes to have on the beach.


All the local beaches on the island is restricted from wearing bikini. It is out of respect to the public and their religion to cover yourself whilst in public areas. A tank top or rap around or sarong is acceptable means of cover.

Stingray and Nursesharks at night

Keep and eye out for the evening gathering on Sting Rays and Nurse Sharks by the beach on Sundown. We name them as locals, part of the community that keeps nature at balance. 

The fish scraps left by fisherman or locals at the beach is often the cleaning job for the stingrays and nurse sharks that sweep the lagoon floors clean.